Shine like a firefly

The skin of a 58 years old man is blue sky. “Pope Strumf” says that the change of the pigment began ten years ago, after some attempts to cure dermatitis with a treatment based on silver.


“I shine like a firefly,” said Paul Karason, victim of an advertising. The man used for 14 years liquid silver in order to ease the pain. Instead, it got sick with the symptom Argyros.

This leads to the blue or navy blue pigmentation of the skin. Paul lives in the city of Madera in California. He chose this treatment after seeing, many years ago, an ad in the pages of a magazine.

Surprised by the effect of the substance on the skin of others, Karason has immediately ordered the miracle cure. “I had a dermatitis so painful that I could not even get dressed with a shirt. Then I followed this treatment and the pain disappeared in a jiffy”, said Karason. After four years, however, shock!

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