Jailed for life

Taiwan’s Former President Jailed for Life on Corruption Charges

President Chen Shui-bian

A Taiwan court imposed a life sentence on former President Chen Shui-bian after convicting him of corruption. Chen was hated by China, which claims the island, and despised by the long-dominant Nationalist Party, which called his pro-independence policies dangerous and misguided. A nervous U.S. also thought his push went too far.
Chen’s wife, Wu Shu-chen, was also convicted of corruption and received the same life sentence.
“Chen Shui-bian and Wu Shu-chen were sentenced to life in prison because Chen has done grave damage to the country, and Wu, because she was involved in corruption deals as the first lady,” Taipei District Court spokesman Huang Chun-ming said.
The two were also fined a total of $15.2 million, Huang said.
The verdicts were announced as hundreds of Chen supporters demonstrated outside, holding flags and banners saying, “Free him” and “Chen’s innocent.”

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