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Peta will save some gobblers this year

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Some of the worlds ugliest dogs

To “assess” the look of these dogs, you don’t need a trained eye, but a strong heart. Especially for those who need to spend night in the house with them.

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Michael Jackson’s crystal glove, sold for 350,000 U.S. dollars

The white crystals white glove that Michael Jackson wore when he first danced the “Moonwalk” was sold at auction for 350,000 dollars.

The glove is part of a 70 objects collection belonging to the megastar. In the same auction a jacket worn by Michael in the world tour “Bad” was sold with 225,000 dollars, and also a hat belonging to the megastar, that was bought for 22,000 dollars.

According to Reuters, the auction held in New York was attended by thousands of people worldwide.

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Porsche 911 fully dressed in chocolate

With the occasion of the Christmas holidays, “Porsche Centrum Gelderland” in the town of Heteren (Netherlands) prepared a 911 4S model, only good to be eaten.

Thus, 175 kilograms of chocolate were melted, with whom master chocolatier January Blancke meticulously decorated the German super car. Off course, the dominant color is brown and the headlights and signal lamps are made from white chocolate.

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The inflatable seat belt – a new safety device tested by Ford

Ford Company will equip his new model Ford Explorer 4×4, which will go into production in the U.S. next year, with a seat belt able to inflate like an airbag, improving the passengers safety in a collision.

On the car’s back seats, the regular seat belt, passing over the shoulder and chest, will be replaced by a cylindrical tube, inflatable, which can be inflated in just 40 milliseconds and disperses the impact shock on an area five times greater than a regular safety belt.

Specialists say that this device will reduce the risk of fracturing the ribs, some internal injuries and contusions of the children (they are very vulnerable in case of a collision), being useful also to the elders, with a more fragile skeleton.

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Benito Mussolini’s brain is for sale on E-bay

Alessandra Mussolini, the famous dictator’s Benito Mussolini granddaughter, asked Italian police to conduct an official investigation after at an online auction on E-bay, was put on sale blood and brain samples from his grandfather.

Alessandra Mussolini, also a famous right-wing militant, told the press in the peninsula that she was outraged at hearing the news that parts of her grandfather’s body were put up for sale. The original price for the parts of brain was 15,000 euros, but until now, nobody has been able to buy them. E-Bay’s representatives said that on their website is banned the sale of human parts, and the auction was closed a few hours after it was posted. The dictator remains were stolen from the hospital’s autopsy room in Milan shortly after his killing, at the end of World War II.

“I was informed that pieces of my grandfather’s brain along with several other blood samples are for sale. Such things must end once and for all”, said the politician. After being shot along with his young mistress Claret Pettacci, Mussolini’s corpse was hanged by a group of antifascist demonstrators in a gas station on the outskirts of Milan. After autopsy, the corpses of the dictator were returned to the family and buried in 1957 in Predappio, his hometown. Soon, Predappio has become a pilgrimage destination for nostalgic fascism, and a place to sell trinkets, shirts, lighters and bottles of wine, all with the effigy of the famous dictator.

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House on a rock (Rhode Island)

Clingstone, a 103 years old mansion in Rhode Island, arranged in retro style, is one of the most unusual homes around the world. It sits above the water, over a cliff that serves as foundation.

Henry Wood, the owner, manages the home with dedication and skill, enjoying family and friends help. The Rhode Island port is hosting the family’s boats and floating dock, sheltering them during winter, in exchange of using the house for one week during the summer.

Mr Wood, a 79 year old architect from Boston, bought the house, along with his former wife, Joan, in 1961, for 3,600 dollars. It stayed uninhabited for 20 years. Clingston was built by a distant cousin, JS Lovering Warton. He worked with an artist, William Trost Richards, to create a three-story house with 23 rooms, to throne the rock of Narragansett Bay. The total cost of construction, completed in 1905, were $ 36,982. Today, the mansion is valued at 4 million dollars.

The house is maintained by an ingenious method: the “Clingstone working weekend”. Held each year around Memorial Day, gathers around 70 friends and Clingstone admirers to perform maintenance tasks, like cleaning the 65 windows of the house. Currently Clingstone holds ten bedrooms, each with a spectacular view and the dining room offers 14 seats.

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