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Kuroshio Sea – The magic of marine life comes to surface

7500 cubic meters, meaning a capacity of 1,981,290 gallons, secure windows with size of 8.2 meters by 22.5 meters and 60 centimeters thick, are just some of the figures that make Kuroshio Sea the second largest aquarium in the world. The image exposed to the viewers is impressive and the huge shark-whales, cat-fishes and dozens of species of fish offer a unique spectacle and a fraction of the beauty of the ocean depths. And if you ever go to Japan, maybe you should make time for a visit to the Kuroshio Sea. The images below will abundantly prove why you’ll not regret the choice …

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Richard Branson publicly presented Spaceship2

In less than a year, this vehicle will open the season of spatial tourist flights at over 100 km in height. 300 people have already paid $ 200,000 each to book a seat.

In the Mojave desert in California, Sir Richard Branson unveiled publicly the first private jet for suborbital passenger flights, called Spaceship Two. After a year of tests, the space ship with two pilots on board will lead six people at the height of 100 km. It will be a flight of two and a half hours, with 5 minutes of absence of gravity, in which passengers will be able to feel like real astronauts.

Spaceship Two is over 18 meters in length, will operate as a shuttle and will land in the same way. It will reach the 15 km hight on the “back” of a bigger and more “potent” plane, called Whiteknight two. For suborbital flights, Richard Branson founded a new company, Virgin Galactic, along with Burt Rutan, another space pioneer.

Branson and Rutan worked in secret for five years at this project, after having won the Ansari X Prize for prototypes back in 2004, with Spaceship One. The two will produce another four “Spaceship Two” at a total cost of 400 million dollars.

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A bottle of brandy from 1788, sold for 25,000 euros

A bottle of “Clos du griffier” brandy, dating from 1788, which comes from the wine cellar of Parisian restaurant Tour d’Argent, was sold for 25,000 euros at an auction.

The amount will reach the Association “Petits Princes”, which helps seriously ill children to fulfill dreams, announced Pias, who organized the auction for two days at the Salons Hoche, in Paris.

The buyer, Raphaël Zier, a French entrepreneur, said that it is a beautiful item, but he was more interested in the philanthropic purpose of the auction.

Two other similar bottles, but in worse condition were sold for 17,000 and 15,000 euros. The three bottles were auctioned at a starting price of 2,500 euros.

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Dan Phillips, the man who builds green houses

Dan Phillips has become a celebrity in his city, Huntsville, Texas, after he built no less than 14 recycled houses, totally functional, using only waste and scrap materials.

The 64 year old manufacturer lived a diverse life, being along his life an army intelligence officer, dance instructor, antiques dealer and even puzzles manufacturer. He spent the last 12 years of his life building affordable houses for the poor, from discarded materials only.

Any sustainable object that people get rid off has some potential in the projects of Dan Phillips. The man visits construction areas and construction sites and takes almost everything is thrown away by these places. His houses are not identical, being constructed entirely by hand.

Dan’s philosophy of recycling has changed the mentality of the whole community on the recycling processes and Dan was even contacted by companies that wanted some advice about building environmental deposits.

Dan Phillips uses his own construction company to raise the houses, but he always asks beneficiaries to take part in the construction process. In this way, if something ever fails, they will know exactly how to repair.

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Peta will save some gobblers this year

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Michael Jackson’s crystal glove, sold for 350,000 U.S. dollars

The white crystals white glove that Michael Jackson wore when he first danced the “Moonwalk” was sold at auction for 350,000 dollars.

The glove is part of a 70 objects collection belonging to the megastar. In the same auction a jacket worn by Michael in the world tour “Bad” was sold with 225,000 dollars, and also a hat belonging to the megastar, that was bought for 22,000 dollars.

According to Reuters, the auction held in New York was attended by thousands of people worldwide.

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Porsche 911 fully dressed in chocolate

With the occasion of the Christmas holidays, “Porsche Centrum Gelderland” in the town of Heteren (Netherlands) prepared a 911 4S model, only good to be eaten.

Thus, 175 kilograms of chocolate were melted, with whom master chocolatier January Blancke meticulously decorated the German super car. Off course, the dominant color is brown and the headlights and signal lamps are made from white chocolate.

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