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A snake of colossal size was caught in a forest in China

huge snake

The picture of the largest snake ever captured, quickly made it around the world after a group of Chinese workers have posted the picture with the huge creatures on the internet. The same photo appeared initially on the first page of the People’s Daily newspaper, the official newspaper of the Communist Party of China.

Witnesses say the gigantic boa is only one of the two found in a forest during works on a new road that had to cross the Guping town surroundings, in Jiangxi Province.

“During the excavations, one of the workers noticed a blood stain of considerable size, and after we kept digging, we discovered a dying snake of incredible size. At the same time, another giant boa snake appeared out of nowhere with his mouth wide open. I can only say to the driver remained paralyzed by fear, while his colleagues have fled to save their lives. When they returned, the driver of the excavator could not even stand up”, quoted from the original article.

More, the unfortunate driver was so shocked that he suffered a heart attack and died on way to hospital.

The dead snake measures almost 17 feet long and weighs about 300 kilograms. Experts biologists say such a monster must have been at least 140 years old.

Curious is that, shortly after Chinese officials agreed to publish the news, they denied their veracity, claiming that everything is a setup and that giant snakes were never before seen around town Guiping.

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and the new tallest man in the world is…


Kösen Sultan, a former basketball player from Turkey, was recorded as the highest man in the world by the Guinness Book of Records.

At 26 years old, Kösen is 2 meters 46 centimeters and 5 mm and also owns the record for the largest hands – 27.5 cm, and the biggest feet – 36.5 cm. He grew up as a normal child until the age of 10, when, due to a pituitary gland disorder, his body began to develop at highly accelerated rate.


During the 2010 London edition of Guinness Book presentation, Sultan Kösen said he hopes that his recently gained fame to bring him more luck with the ladies attention. Because of his unusual stature, women have always feared it, but now he hopes to finally find his soul mate and marry.

Former owner of the record for highest man, Ukrainian Leonid Stadnyk, apparently meassured with 2.57 meters high, refused to formally measure his height, saying that fame has brought him only trouble and he needs peace and quiet.

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The biggest spider in the world

Nephila Komaci

It was identified in Africa and thanks to his size, immediately recognized as “king of spiders.
It has a ten centimeters diameter, feeds on birds and lizards, and it’s not harmful to humans. The giant spider was discovered in South Africa by biologist Matjaz Kuntner, from the Academy of Sciences and Arts in Slovenia, along with Jonathan Coddington, from the National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC.
The new species was named Nephila Komaci and belongs to the family of spiders Nephilidae, “famous” for the elaborate yellowish webs they weave, but also for the impressive size of the females. The rare specimens identified by Kuntner and Coddington are considered the most “imposing” representatives of this species known until now by scientists. They also represent the first new species of Nephilim spiders identified since 1879 until now.
A Nephila Komaci female measures between 10 and 12 centimeters in diameter, while the males are a bit more “fragile”, with about one quarter the size of their life “companions”. Scientists fear that this species could be close to extinction, because they are very rare and the biodiversity of their habitat (Maputaland and Madagascar) is in great danger.

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The smallest man in the world just turned 18


Nepali Khagendra Thapa Magar, is preparing to enter the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest man in the world.
Officially, he will he has become the record holder a few days ago, when he reached the age of 18 years. This is one Guinness Book’s stipulations to approve the record: the person must be at least 18, so will not be able to develop in the future.
Khagendra Thapa Magar, 61 cm, celebrated his 18th birthday in the weekend, when he received a cake about the same size as he.

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The most polluted city in the world


Blacksmith Institute, an organization based in New York that supports environmental projects against pollution, recently conducted a study of the most polluted cities in the world.
Research reveals that Linfen, located in the Chinese province of Shanxi, is the most polluted city in the world.
According to the authors, the conclusion is due to accumulation of large amounts of coal dust in the atmosphere and the presence of other harmful particles from industrial emissions and from the use of motor vehicles.
The situation is reflected, say researchers in the health of the 3 million inhabitants.

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Father at 13 !


A 13 years old British boy became one of the youngest parents in the world after his 16 years old girlfriend gave birth to a girl.
“My son is mature for his age and will be a good father. It will be better than most fathers at 25”, says proudly (and probably unconsciously) the baby girls grandfather.
The protagonists identities were not made public, but is been known the boy and girl had a relationship for some time and do not attend the same school.
Britain has the highest rate of teenagers pregnancy, with about 43,000 teenage mothers annually.

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The saddest dog in the world!


The dog, dressed in a gray sweater was photographed in front of a cafe in San Francisco. It has an expression that throws you in instant depression. Like all world problems have broken over his head.
Chris Michael, the one who captured pictures with the lovely pug says: “He walk up and down the street, trying to find someone to love him. I tried to cheer him -it seemed happy to see me”.


The photo was sent by mail to thousands of addresses, and soon became the most popular picture. One internet user even said: “I want to hold you in my arms, to make him feel better.”

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