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U.K UFO Investigation Unit closed

After more than 50 years, the UFO Investigation Unit of the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom was closed.

On December 1’st, the phone line and e-mail where British citizens were invited to announce UFO appearances were closed, and the officers operating in the UFO unit were recommit in other departments. The official explanation is that the unit had no defensive value. In addition, with the current economic crisis, the British government will save 44,000 per year.

In the past 50 years, UFO Investigation Unit has received thousands of reports from individuals who claim to have seen UFOs but none of them had an undeniable proof of alien existence, nor identified any threat to UK security.

The measure is surprising, considering the fact that Britain has declassified 3 years ago more UFO files which, although did not brought clear evidence of alien existence, contained the credible testimony of Air Force officers who said they saw UFO’s.

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Iran shot down UFO above the Persian Gulf


Monday, the Organization of the Islamic Revolution in Iran Guards (IRGC) has targeted and shot down an unidentified bright object after this was surprised over the Gulf waters.
“More glowing objects were seen above the Persian Gulf. Air Defense of the IRGC has successfully targeted one of them, forcing it to lose altitude and dive in the waters near Boushehr province”, said regional commander Ali High Razmjou.
The three bright objects were detected by radar while flying above Kharkiv and Khargou islands.
Brigadier Razmjou explained that when the cameras confirmed the non-Iranian origin of the ships, IRGC opened fire on them.

He added that the remains of fallen object was not yet discovered.

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