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The soccer grannies


It seems that the euphoria of World Cup 2010 has included even the women of South Africa. More female teams are playing football twice a week.
Poverty and age are no impediment for the 35 women who live near the town of Tzaneen, located 600 km north of Johannesburg.
The Vakhegula (“The Grannies” in the local dialect) are between 40 and 83 years old, and are “fighting” hard at every football match in the female competition.
“I like to play football because it helps us. We used to have a variety of diseases, but now they’re passed. Temperature or other conditions specific to our age disappeared as if by magic … even the doctors are amazed at the results,” explained Nari Baloyi, aged 47 years, one of the team “soft mores”.

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Dangerous “Footbull”

It seems that for those guys soccer is just not manly enough. This is what happens when a bull, a small ball and some big balls meet.

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