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Raccoons, some of the funniest animals out there

Some consider them the biggest pests but, we don’t have to overlook the fact that the man was the first that entered within the cute’s mammals habitat. As the photos below demonstrates, however, raccoons are far from the violent thieves image that people have created over time about them. We are sure that these photos will bring a smile on your face.

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Wolf Attack – Photo of 2009

wolf attack

The winner of the 45th edition of the best nature and animal photos competition, under the auspices of prestigious BBC Wildlife Magazine and London’s Natural History Museum, was designated a snapshot planned and organized by the author for many years.

The winning photo was chosen from a total of over 43 000 images sent by nature lovers around the world.
“I wanted to get a snapshot where people can see a wolf in full hunt, but without the bloody moments. I didn’t want a raw image, which would get people to hate the wolves”, said the winner of this year’s edition, Spaniard Jose Luis Rodriguez.

To get the exceptional snapshot, he studied for many years the habits and routes of a pack of wolves. The secret of the photo resides in the hand built hatch operated by an infrared beam, which automatically activated the camera when the animal jumped over it.

To succeed the desired photo, Jose Luis Rodriguez gave up his initial device, a Nikon D2X, to use a Hasselblad camera. The entire final photographic equipment consisted, in fact, in a medium-format film camera Hasselblad 503CW, with a fix 80 mm canon.

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The war doesn’t stop at dusk / Photos


Have you ever imagined what it looks like a war at night? We refer here not to Hollywood productions that have studded the market with such scenes, but at a real war, with real fighting machines and real officers. Here are some photos captured in Russia during some night military maneuvers.

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4646 – The longest way

Christoph Rehage, a 27 years old young German caused a sensation on the Internet with this video! The young man has photographed himself during a journey through China!
Then, back home, Christoph has assembled and installed the photos as a five minutes video through which he managed to tell the story of a hiking over 4600 km.
Rehage confessed that the idea came to him after watching the material with Matt Harding, the man that filmed himself dancing all over Asia, but also after that of Noah, the man who made a photo of himself every day for 6 years.

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Warrior squirrels – the animal kingdom ninjas


Small and pretty, but fast as the arrows and bitter when their interests are threatened, squirrels are able to fight stubbornly, as well displayed in the images below.
As can be seen in the following gallery, the small rodents, with their bushy tails, not only can be aggressive, but their bellicose manifestations look like movements drawn from martial arts practiced by Ninja warriors. Their fighting eyes are not less sharp neither.

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What do you think, aliens exist?


The existence of beings coming from other planets becomes more tangible!
The photo’s were immortalized over time in different places, which reinforces even more the idea that our planet is visited by neighbors from other galaxies. Whatever the reservations, we have to at least recognize that this images stir our imagination and give us new perspectives about our place in the universe.
We remind you that the press in Mexico revealed a similar story, which has given rise to controversial debates . In May 2007, a so-called “alien baby” had been found by some farmers in a mice trap. He was still breathing when they found him, tell the men.
Another odd thing in this story is that researchers have failed so far to determine the DNA of strange creatures found in Mexico.

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