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The last public execution by guillotine

Eugen Weidmann is the name of last person executed by guillotine in France. It happened in 1939 and the “hysterical behavior” of the spectators had such a big impact on President Albert Lebrun, that he immediately banned all public executions.

The scene of Weidmann decapitation, sentenced to death for kidnapping, robbery and murder, was shot in secret from an apartment located near the prison Saint-Pierre, Versailles.

Eugene Weidmann, a German native, was recently incarcerated in his homeland, for robbery. Later, along with two accomplices, whom he met during his detention, he began to kidnap rich tourists, who were visiting France. Often, however, his victims end up shot in the back of their neck.

Guillotine in France continued until 1977, but only in a private setting.

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Anorexia? Schizophrenia’s younger sister…

When people drift through the tortures of starvation, scientists warn that the real reason is given by the appearance of anorexia and not by excessive weight or obesity. In this direction, Russian scientists believe that anorexia is, in fact, a dangerous mental disharmony that, over time, can lead to schizophrenia.

About 90% of anorexia cases recorded worldwide relates to adolescents between the age of 12 to 24 years. The remaining 10% are old men and women, who, as a result of depression came to be underfeed.
“Anorexia is always accompanied by a pathological desire to lose weight, as well as an intense fear of obesity. People suffering from this disease presents a wrong perception of their body. They see themselves as overweight, although, in reality, they suffer from a form of dystrophy.
To lose weight, patients with anorexia torture themselves with demanding diets, exhausting exercise, self-cleaning procedures and induced vomiting after meals “, explains Ruzanna Akopyan, a specialist in anorexic psychoanalysis.
According to her criteria, Professor Akopyan said that reliable signs of anorexia are:
1. Patients always feel overweight, being obsessively concerned about certain parts of their body.
2. Often, they eat standing and portion the food into very small pieces.
3. Frequently suffer from insomnia.
4. They isolate themselves from society.
5. They are terrorized by the thought they may gain weight.

Specialists around the world don’t have a common view on the causes of anorexia. However, most believe that this disease is triggered by genetic and biological factors, psychological conflicts, social problems and, finally, factors in the environment.

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Pitt-bull VS Bull – a battle of rare ferocity

Stray dogs problem affects not only countries in poorest regions of the globe. It’s clear that the United States faced a similar situation, especially after these pictures made it around the world. Thus, in Alabama, two stray Pitt-Bulls decided to provide their own food killing, no no less, than a bull that they managed to isolate from the herd. What followed can easily be seen in the picture below …

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Car crashed by a huge wrecking ball in New York!

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Shocking secrets of the Amazon

In recent years a lot has been said about the massive deforestation of the Amazon forest, the effects of global warming on the largest forests on the planet and about the people’s destroying power over this piece of heaven. The measures to stop these actions weren’t always the best and the pictures below show a reality that many try to hide, perhaps willing to minimize the effect on the public opinion around the world and the fact that the Amazon rain forest is dying …

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Dozens of people got naked on the streets of Madrid, Spain

Members of NGOs defending the rights of animals got naked on a huge piece of plastic and painted their bodies with red paint.

Dozens of people from defending animal rights organizations took part the last week in a protest in Puerta del Sol square in Madrid.

They wanted to send the message that is not elegant anymore to wear clothes from animal skin.

The protesters defied the cold weather and rain and stripped in the street on a huge piece of plastic.

According to Spanish newspaper “La razón”, they painted their bodies with red paint to symbolize the animals killed by the fashion industry.

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Some of the worlds ugliest dogs

To “assess” the look of these dogs, you don’t need a trained eye, but a strong heart. Especially for those who need to spend night in the house with them.

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