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A snake of colossal size was caught in a forest in China

huge snake

The picture of the largest snake ever captured, quickly made it around the world after a group of Chinese workers have posted the picture with the huge creatures on the internet. The same photo appeared initially on the first page of the People’s Daily newspaper, the official newspaper of the Communist Party of China.

Witnesses say the gigantic boa is only one of the two found in a forest during works on a new road that had to cross the Guping town surroundings, in Jiangxi Province.

“During the excavations, one of the workers noticed a blood stain of considerable size, and after we kept digging, we discovered a dying snake of incredible size. At the same time, another giant boa snake appeared out of nowhere with his mouth wide open. I can only say to the driver remained paralyzed by fear, while his colleagues have fled to save their lives. When they returned, the driver of the excavator could not even stand up”, quoted from the original article.

More, the unfortunate driver was so shocked that he suffered a heart attack and died on way to hospital.

The dead snake measures almost 17 feet long and weighs about 300 kilograms. Experts biologists say such a monster must have been at least 140 years old.

Curious is that, shortly after Chinese officials agreed to publish the news, they denied their veracity, claiming that everything is a setup and that giant snakes were never before seen around town Guiping.

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In Thailand, children’s favorite pet is…a giant constrictor snake


In almost every corner of the world, exposing a children in a cage next to a giant constrictor snake might seem crazy, and the police should immediately arrest the unconsciously parents. This is not the case in Thailand, where the parents and grandparents play along with children in the cage of one of the biggest snakes in captivity. I don’t know what those children think about the initiative but, both them and the snake doesn’t seem to dislike the mutual company.

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A snake with two heads, found in a household in Illinois

2head snake

A family from Illinois unwittingly made the news headlines after founding a snake with two heads their own backyard.

This is a baby water snake that creep through the grass. The children praised to their playmates on the street about the discovery and from there to the arrival of several teams of reporters was only a step.

The Williamson’s declared that they would want to keep the gifted creature after all the fuss will have passed.

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