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The Gate to Heaven or Hell ?

An absolutely surprising appearance was filmed Tuesdayabove Moscow. In no time the video did the tour of the internet and stirred various reactions.
Some compare the phenomenon with celestial appearances before the alien invasion of the U.S. blockbuster “The Independence Day”.
Others, on the other hand, are convinced that aliens are already among us, so the phenomenon can be caused only by … gravitational effect of the mother ship.:)
Then the “Stargate”fans, which are convinced that we are dealing with a so-called wormhole, a gateway to another world or to another era.
Some would bet that is just a sonic bang, while many other voices swore that looks like a black hole, as, say some, could be formed after the experiment in Geneva.

What do you think ?

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How many nuclear bombs will destroy the world?

The specter of a nuclear war is not, fortunately, one so near as it was during the Cold War, yet, the risk that nuclear bombs will cause a global disaster will exist as long as the great powers of the world will keep on detaining the feard atomic weapons. Will they, however, destroy the world? And if so, how many of them ?


A short evidence of nuclear weapons all over the world looks like this: Russia 5192, U.S.A 4075, France 300, Israel 200, Great Britain 192, China 176, India 75, Pakistan 15
A study made by a group of scientist gave as a figure: 1.241.166 bombs needed to destroy the world. Relieved ?

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