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4646 – The longest way

Christoph Rehage, a 27 years old young German caused a sensation on the Internet with this video! The young man has photographed himself during a journey through China!
Then, back home, Christoph has assembled and installed the photos as a five minutes video through which he managed to tell the story of a hiking over 4600 km.
Rehage confessed that the idea came to him after watching the material with Matt Harding, the man that filmed himself dancing all over Asia, but also after that of Noah, the man who made a photo of himself every day for 6 years.

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The most spectacular impact between Earth and an asteroid

There are many video images illustrating the impact of an asteroid and our planet. But none so far doesn’t level with the spectacular and terror emanating from the latest video performance of this kind.
Understanding that such a cataclysm might, indeed, happen in a … very bad day, you can not help yourself to wonder if all mankind will be somewhere in space when or if we will all die at that time.
With the help of this Discovery Channel film, we can get an idea of the devastating effects resulted after the Earth “Impact” with an asteroid about the size of the Moon.

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Philippine Flood Update – 26/09/2009

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