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The longest bike in the world

longest bike

A British plumber set a Guinness Book Record after he built the world’s longest motorcycle.
Furza Colin, age 29, for 2 months to build the incredible bike, 14.03 meters long and capable to reach a top speed of 48 km / h. To do this oddness, the Britain used the two Honda Sky 50 cc and an extension made of aluminum bars. The bike is fully functional with an engine that runs normally. However, the curves can be tough to take. Previous record was held by a bike long “only” 9.6 meters.

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The fastest electric motorcycle in the world


Mission One is the electric bike who beat the world speed record, reaching 163 mph (260 km / h).
Vehicles with electric engines are not renowned for their top speed. It is true that there were electric cars which have exceeded 300 km / h, but never entered series production. The electric motorcycle below not only broke the world speed record for its class, but it’s also a model which will be produced in series. Mission One has reached 163 mph (260 km / h) on September 1 and had an average of 242 km / h over a distance of one mile.

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