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Incredible save by Jason Plato!

Jason Plato proved that he’s one of the best pilots journalist in the world when he managed to recover the car after a dramatic slip in the last stage of BTCC.

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Incredible images – mule VS puma


In such a conflict, no one would bet on the chances of success of a mule, considered, most times, a sure victim in front of a tried hunter, as a puma. Not always, however, general rules apply in nature, and this time the mule was a warrior with unexpected skills.

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Kill yourself ! Incredible event in the U.S.

Incredible event in the U.S.! A prisoner, sentenced to death, was made to inject by itself the lethal solution after prison employees have been struggling for more than two hours to find his veins.

After several failed attempts to make the lethal injection, the employees of the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility asked prisoner Romell Broom to inject himself the lethal liquid.

Lethal Injection

Finally, after two and a half hours spent by Broom in the “death room”, the governor of Ohio, Ted Strickland, has decided to postpone by one week the execution of the capital punishment.

Broom, aged 53, was sentenced to death after he raped and killed a 14 years old girl , which he has kidnapped in 1984.

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