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Naked lunch


A bar in Melbourne hosted recently an unusual event. Specifically, all those who passed thru the coffee-shop’s door had to give up clothes. All the clothes.
The event called “naked lunch” was held for a full day in Bebida Cafe from Fitzroy, Australia as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2009.
Designed as a tribute to life as an art, “naked lunch” does not alter the activity of coffee-shop itself, only the appearance of the participants, which had to be naked while in the local.
Natalie Bak, the organizer of the unusual “lunch” said that the idea came in a warm evening in April, when she realized that she would enjoy it even more if she were completely naked.

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Sand storm in Sydney, Australia! Incredible Images


Sydney residents woke up this morning in a setting loosen like from a Hollywood movie. A huge sand storm invaded the Australian metropolis. Everything was covered with red dust, brought by wind from the desert.
The storm began before dawn. You could not distinct colors of traffic lights in intersections,” said a policeman. Visibility did not exceeded a few meters and, of course, shipments were foiled.
At dawn, the entire city was covered by a red powder, as from a science fiction movie scene. Scared by the “red desert” that invaded the city, many locals have phoned the emergency services, fearing a huge fire.
Under the red sky, residents covered their faces with masks to protect themselves, while authorities have asked children and elderly to stay in their homes.
Shipments have been seriously disrupted due to strong winds and low visibility.


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