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Today’s incredible image: Cloudy over Brazil


On October 6, 2009, the crew of the twentieth expeditions on board of the International Space Station (ISS) captured this impressive image of stormy weather over Brazil.


The Nikon D2Xs Digital Camera, captured a huge amount of visual details, as part of the ISS Crew Earth Observations experiment, in progress. Cumulusnimbus Clouds in various stages of development can be observed in the unstable air from the tropics, causing electrical storm. Circular patterns produced by storms from the massive cloud structure are obvious, while, thanks to the Sun’s reflaction, the 3 380 km long trail of the Madeira river, in the Amazon basin, can be easily observed.

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A ball of fire crossed the Netherlands sky

Tuesday afternoon the dutch sky was crossed by a huge fireball. People were amazed by the strange phenomenon, inform the newspaper Algemeen Dagblad.
Astronomer Theo Jurriens later untied the mystery, saying that it was an extremely bright meteor, which was broken at some point in three pieces. According to a spokesman for Royal Dutch meteorological institute, KNMI, a meteorite streaked the north of Holland sky.
KNMI and Jurries both announced that they had received several calls from witnesses of the event throughout the Netherlands, the astronomer stating that he has received reports from people who say they heard a noise and a bang at the approaching of the meteor, others telling that they felt a trembling in the building they were in at that time.
Tuesday evening Jurriens asked all companies and institutions that have surveillance cameras to check whether they had recorded on tape this phenomenon.

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The Gate to Heaven or Hell ?

An absolutely surprising appearance was filmed Tuesdayabove Moscow. In no time the video did the tour of the internet and stirred various reactions.
Some compare the phenomenon with celestial appearances before the alien invasion of the U.S. blockbuster “The Independence Day”.
Others, on the other hand, are convinced that aliens are already among us, so the phenomenon can be caused only by … gravitational effect of the mother ship.:)
Then the “Stargate”fans, which are convinced that we are dealing with a so-called wormhole, a gateway to another world or to another era.
Some would bet that is just a sonic bang, while many other voices swore that looks like a black hole, as, say some, could be formed after the experiment in Geneva.

What do you think ?

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