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Barbaric punishment for a thief in Guatemala

Alejandra Maria Torres, a young woman from Guatemala who was caught stealing in a bus along with three accomplices, was exemplary punished by those who she tried to harm. The woman was stripped, badly beaten, then she was set on fire. Only the rapid intervention of the police made Alejandra escape from certain death. Once extinguished the flames, police arrested the woman who, at present, is waiting to be punished for the act committed. Meanwhile, law enforcement began a massive search operation of Alejandra’s three accomplices, who managed to escape in the general hubbub.

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The world’s strangest stadiums

For many, when it comes to their favorite game, the place where they watch it isn’t that important. Whether the game is viewed from a hill or a mountain, fans don’t miss the beautiful spectacle offered by their favorites. However, with the help of some free minded architects and engineers, the teams rewarded their fans with some incredible arenas.

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Kuroshio Sea – The magic of marine life comes to surface

7500 cubic meters, meaning a capacity of 1,981,290 gallons, secure windows with size of 8.2 meters by 22.5 meters and 60 centimeters thick, are just some of the figures that make Kuroshio Sea the second largest aquarium in the world. The image exposed to the viewers is impressive and the huge shark-whales, cat-fishes and dozens of species of fish offer a unique spectacle and a fraction of the beauty of the ocean depths. And if you ever go to Japan, maybe you should make time for a visit to the Kuroshio Sea. The images below will abundantly prove why you’ll not regret the choice …

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Richard Branson publicly presented Spaceship2

In less than a year, this vehicle will open the season of spatial tourist flights at over 100 km in height. 300 people have already paid $ 200,000 each to book a seat.

In the Mojave desert in California, Sir Richard Branson unveiled publicly the first private jet for suborbital passenger flights, called Spaceship Two. After a year of tests, the space ship with two pilots on board will lead six people at the height of 100 km. It will be a flight of two and a half hours, with 5 minutes of absence of gravity, in which passengers will be able to feel like real astronauts.

Spaceship Two is over 18 meters in length, will operate as a shuttle and will land in the same way. It will reach the 15 km hight on the “back” of a bigger and more “potent” plane, called Whiteknight two. For suborbital flights, Richard Branson founded a new company, Virgin Galactic, along with Burt Rutan, another space pioneer.

Branson and Rutan worked in secret for five years at this project, after having won the Ansari X Prize for prototypes back in 2004, with Spaceship One. The two will produce another four “Spaceship Two” at a total cost of 400 million dollars.

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Anorexia? Schizophrenia’s younger sister…

When people drift through the tortures of starvation, scientists warn that the real reason is given by the appearance of anorexia and not by excessive weight or obesity. In this direction, Russian scientists believe that anorexia is, in fact, a dangerous mental disharmony that, over time, can lead to schizophrenia.

About 90% of anorexia cases recorded worldwide relates to adolescents between the age of 12 to 24 years. The remaining 10% are old men and women, who, as a result of depression came to be underfeed.
“Anorexia is always accompanied by a pathological desire to lose weight, as well as an intense fear of obesity. People suffering from this disease presents a wrong perception of their body. They see themselves as overweight, although, in reality, they suffer from a form of dystrophy.
To lose weight, patients with anorexia torture themselves with demanding diets, exhausting exercise, self-cleaning procedures and induced vomiting after meals “, explains Ruzanna Akopyan, a specialist in anorexic psychoanalysis.
According to her criteria, Professor Akopyan said that reliable signs of anorexia are:
1. Patients always feel overweight, being obsessively concerned about certain parts of their body.
2. Often, they eat standing and portion the food into very small pieces.
3. Frequently suffer from insomnia.
4. They isolate themselves from society.
5. They are terrorized by the thought they may gain weight.

Specialists around the world don’t have a common view on the causes of anorexia. However, most believe that this disease is triggered by genetic and biological factors, psychological conflicts, social problems and, finally, factors in the environment.

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A bottle of brandy from 1788, sold for 25,000 euros

A bottle of “Clos du griffier” brandy, dating from 1788, which comes from the wine cellar of Parisian restaurant Tour d’Argent, was sold for 25,000 euros at an auction.

The amount will reach the Association “Petits Princes”, which helps seriously ill children to fulfill dreams, announced Pias, who organized the auction for two days at the Salons Hoche, in Paris.

The buyer, Raphaël Zier, a French entrepreneur, said that it is a beautiful item, but he was more interested in the philanthropic purpose of the auction.

Two other similar bottles, but in worse condition were sold for 17,000 and 15,000 euros. The three bottles were auctioned at a starting price of 2,500 euros.

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Pitt-bull VS Bull – a battle of rare ferocity

Stray dogs problem affects not only countries in poorest regions of the globe. It’s clear that the United States faced a similar situation, especially after these pictures made it around the world. Thus, in Alabama, two stray Pitt-Bulls decided to provide their own food killing, no no less, than a bull that they managed to isolate from the herd. What followed can easily be seen in the picture below …

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