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The mysterious light frog


Although it looks like the product of a nuclear accident, the strange light frog has a more “prosaic” explanation, despite the fact that the picture is, however, spectacular. James Snyner, a 29 years old American, surprised one night a light frog in the mango tree in his garden in West Palm Beach, Florida. Intrigued by the bizarre creature, the American ran in the house and returned with the camera to immortalize the freak.
After making the picture, immediately realized that he’s not dealing with such an unusual creature. The frog hunted insects and was attracted by one of the lights that the American decorated his garden with. Confusing it with a savory firefly, the frog rushed and swallowed it, but remained attached by the wire who fed the light. The American managed to successfully pull the bulb from the animals stomach and released the greedy frog into the nature.

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A mysterious beast frightened South American children


The locals in the small town of Gerro Azul, Panama have discovered a strange looking creature which after a close evaluation they’ve decided to name Gollum after the creature crawled out of a lake and terrified their children before dying.

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