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The most spectacular impact between Earth and an asteroid

There are many video images illustrating the impact of an asteroid and our planet. But none so far doesn’t level with the spectacular and terror emanating from the latest video performance of this kind.
Understanding that such a cataclysm might, indeed, happen in a … very bad day, you can not help yourself to wonder if all mankind will be somewhere in space when or if we will all die at that time.
With the help of this Discovery Channel film, we can get an idea of the devastating effects resulted after the Earth “Impact” with an asteroid about the size of the Moon.

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Huge hand buried in the Atacama Desert


Looks like a man’s giant hand was buried in sand after a catastrophic storm. It lies about 75 km south of the city of Antofagasta, Atacama desert and is a bizarre spectacle. It’s not a mystery, but a true work of art that locals called it “„Mano de Desierto” – Dessert’s Hand, a creation as you will never meet in any other part of the world.
The massive sculpture measures 11 feet in height and is Chilean sculptor Mario Irarrazabal work of art, and today, in the immensity of the most arid place on Earth, attracts almost daily curious who want to admire it.


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Tsunami in the Pacific Ocean! Earthquake of 8.3 degrees magnitude!


American Geological Institute USGS revised the estimation for the earthquake magnitude produced in Samoa, from 7.9 to 8.0, while the Pacific Tsunami Center estimated the magnitude at 8.3 degrees.

According to CNN, the earthquake generated a tsunami of about 3 meters in the Pacific.

Authorities have issued alerts for American Samoa, Samoa, Cook Islands, Tonga and Fiji and warnings for areas located at greater distance from the epicenter, including Hawaii and Papua New Guinea.


The height of the wave was estimated at 7.5 meters, causing greatest damage and destroying many buildings in the coast area.

According to Reuters, at least 113 people were killed in the Samoa Islands following the earthquake which caused the tsunami.

Authorities have estimated the seismic wave will not affect the U.S. coast and Canada.

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Best and worst lovers in the world

love initiated a survey dedicated exclusively to women. The project’s initiators wanted the world to know what men are the worst lovers and the reasons why.
The poll involved over 15 000 women who have traveled the world. Their reasons were very diverse. From the fact that they are smelly, to that they have too much hair on the body, women have categorized man on the planet.
Here is the ranking and the reasons why men are not wanted.

1 GERMANY (not too pleasant smell)
2 England (too lazy)
3 Sweden (too hurry)
4 NETHERLANDS (too possessive)
6 Greece (too careless)
Wales 7 (too selfish)
8 SCOTLAND (too loud)
9 TURKEY (sweat too much)
10 RUSSIA (too hairy)

In other order of ideas, women drawn also a top with the best lovers in the world. Spanish man rank in first position, followed by Brazilians. Last step of the ranking it taken by Italians, while the last position, tenth, situated the Canadians.

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Facebook poll : “Should Obama be killed?”


Barack Obama’s special services have declared on Monday they opened an investigation to identify the authors of a poll published on the website Facebook, in which users were asked whether the president should be assassinated.
Facebook closed the page titled “Obama should be killed?” who was proposing answers like “yes”, “no”, “maybe” and “if he will raise health insurance prices”.
“After we found this page, we worked with Facebook to close it”, said Malcolm Wiley, spokesman for the Secret Service (USSS), responsible for protection of public figures. “We are obviously in a survey, as we usually do with any other threats”, he added.
Over 750 Facebook users have answered the poll before being suspended.

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Talking Female Robot

She’s not a robot right ? I mean…have you heard that passage :

– Women asks!: Can I take your picture???
– Android: Sure, But be sure to take my good side. Wait they’re all good *giggle* –

WTF ??? I want one! 😀

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Hitler didn’t died in the bunker! Incredible hypothesis !


The theory stating that Adolf Hitler committed suicide is being questioned again after new tests carried out on a cranial bone holey by a bullet, discovered by the Russians in 1946, established that it belonged to an unknown woman and not to the Nazi leader, informs The Observer.
The authors of numerous biographies of Adolf Hitler state that the Nazi leader would have committed suicide with Eva Braun, taking a cyanide pill and then shooting himself on April 30, 1945, while the Red Army bombed Berlin.
Some historians have expressed, however, doubts regarding the fact that Hitler would have committed suicide by shooting, considering that this information about the Nazi leader’s death has been “twisted” in order to present a heroic death.
However, a skull fragment of a bullet hole, which was taken from the bunker by the Russians and exhibited in Moscow in 2000 seemed to end disputes.
However, after further analysis that showed the bone belongs to a women, theories of Hitler’s death have been reviewed.
According to bone expert analysis Nick Bellantone, from the University of Connecticut, it was clear from the beginning that something was wrong with the skull which proved to be from a woman.

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