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One of the world’s strangest hotel, Hang Nga hotel, in Vietnam

This hotel is actually taking the name of the architect who designed it, Hang Na by her name, daughter of a former Vietnamese president and although it’s trying to look like an authentic tree house, there’s nothing tree’ish about the materials used for building it. Maybe that’s why the majority of the people crossing his doorstep are seeing this more as a tourist attraction, preferring to spend the night elsewhere. In that rhythm, you may want to hurry up and book a ticket, because I don’t know if that marketing strategy will keep the hotel’s doors opened for a long time.

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The biggest pig in the world


A pig greater even than the famous Hogzilla was recently discovered by specialists, not in the wild but in a museum. The fact itself was authenticated by the Guinness Book of Records.
The biggest pig ever lived has reached the incredible weight of 900 kg, before dieing by inability to breathe. The giant pig has resulted from an experiment at a popular farm in the Chinese province of Liaoning. He lived until the age of 5 years, passing away suddenly in February of 2004. At death he reached a length of 2.5 meters and was armed with a pair of fangs of 14,4 cm.

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How many nuclear bombs will destroy the world?

The specter of a nuclear war is not, fortunately, one so near as it was during the Cold War, yet, the risk that nuclear bombs will cause a global disaster will exist as long as the great powers of the world will keep on detaining the feard atomic weapons. Will they, however, destroy the world? And if so, how many of them ?


A short evidence of nuclear weapons all over the world looks like this: Russia 5192, U.S.A 4075, France 300, Israel 200, Great Britain 192, China 176, India 75, Pakistan 15
A study made by a group of scientist gave as a figure: 1.241.166 bombs needed to destroy the world. Relieved ?

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