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Leaves – one of the world’s most eficient organic fuels


A British man had the idea to use the great quantity of fallen leaves in autumn to make them “logs” for fire.

One million tonnes of leaves fall every year in the UK, and Peter Morrison, aged 45 years, being sick of collecting the leaves, each year, from his yard in Birmingham, thought to turn them into a “green” fuel to replace wood.

He started by creating a tablet the size of a coin, which, lited, generated enough heat to boil a liter of water.

Currently, a company called Biofuels International Limited (BIFL) produces cylindrical leaves “logs” – called Leaf Log – with a length of 28 cm, which are already in British shops and are used as fuel in homes.

The “Leaf Logs” ignite easily and burn very efficiently, providing 28,000 kilojoules (the best coal give approx. 29,000 kilojoules)

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Who holds the world record of records?

Probably everyone would be more than happy to be the holder of one Guinness record. It’s not the case for Ashrita Furman, the man who holds more Guinness World Records than anyone else on the planet.

Ashrita Furman, aged 54, has spent the last 30 years of his life trying – and succeeding – to beat records. At the peak of his career, Furman held not less than 100 records at once and even today is not doing too bad, being the author of 98 global performance unmatched by someone else.

Ashram was the holder of 236 world records in his career and his nearest competitor in this mater has not owned more than 20. It all began when Furman was a child and browse thru the Book of Records. He began to dream that one day he will also appear on those pages, breaking a record.

He achieved his dream in 1979, setting a new world record executing 27,000 ” stellar jumps ” (with hands and feet spread in the air), in New York. Since then, he never stopped. Among his records are included pushing a car over a distance of 27 kilometers for 24 hours, translating and reciting a poem in 111 languages, all throughout the day, attending a 130 kilometers walk with a glass of milk on his forehead, and:

Splicing 27 apples in the air, with a katana, in 60 seconds


Keeping balance on a board above a cylinder


Racing a yak, with his feet stuck in a bag, in Mongolia


Most grapes caught with his mouth in one minute, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


The longest time spent in balance on a “Swiss ball” at Stonehenge


The highest number of “pogo stick” jumps in Cambodgia


Fastest completion of a mile, turning a circle around the waist, in Uluru, Australia


Keeping in balance the longest pole on his chin in Aspendos, Turkey


Currently, Ashrita Furman is trying to beat the record for the fastest crossing of a mile, wearing diving fins.


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The man with the most piercings in the world

The man with the most piercings in the world

We would have expected that the owner of such a record to be a rebel punker, barely out of puberty. Nothing more false. The man who was appointed in 2010 edition of the Guinness Book of Records is a 78 years old man who was general manager of Barclays bank for 30 years.

The eccentric pensioner was approved by the Guinness World Book of Records, after a committee of experts has counted all 241 piercings, of which no less than 150 are on his face and neck. In order to match all the metals which puncture his skin, John Lynch filled his body with tattoos, his favorite being a Marilyn Monroe tattoo, who covers most of his bust.

Initially, Lynch didn’t qualified for the 2010 edition of the Records Book, having 5 piercings less than the former owner of the record, but when he heard this, he added 20 more, to be sure he doesn’t miss it.

Ironically, Lynch didn’t discovered his passion for body art, piercings and tattoos until he was 40 years old, when – after losing a bet – made his first piercing. Since then, every year has added a few, to become a true local celebrity in the town of Apsely, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, where locals have named him Prince Albert.

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The most toxic lake in the world


It’s not a natural, but rather a residual lake, appeared in an old copper mine in Butte, Montana, USA. Formed at a depth of 270 meters, the water has an acidity that has not yet been matched on Earth. Heavy metals, extremely hazardous chemicals (arsenic, zinc, cadmium, zinc), not to mention the sulfuric acid, all forming a lethal “soup” for any life form. What is even more serious is that the level of acidity is increasing steadily since 1982.
A sinister incident took place in 1995, when a huge flock of geese landed on the lake’s water. Absolutely all the birds died, the researchers managing to bring out “only” 342 partially dissolved in acid skeletons. After all, the lake is nothing but another “artwork” of man.

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