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Dozens of people got naked on the streets of Madrid, Spain

Members of NGOs defending the rights of animals got naked on a huge piece of plastic and painted their bodies with red paint.

Dozens of people from defending animal rights organizations took part the last week in a protest in Puerta del Sol square in Madrid.

They wanted to send the message that is not elegant anymore to wear clothes from animal skin.

The protesters defied the cold weather and rain and stripped in the street on a huge piece of plastic.

According to Spanish newspaper “La razón”, they painted their bodies with red paint to symbolize the animals killed by the fashion industry.

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Johannesburg’s naked record !

They walked almost naked on the streets of South African capital, Johannesburg, not forced by the heat outside, but to set a new record in the swimsuits parade chapter.

And the organizers also had another purpose: to draw attention to the threat represented by breast cancer.

After skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common form met at Caucasian and Asian women. Disease risk increases with age, but chances of survival increase if the disease is diagnosed in time.

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The scanner who “sees” through clothes is tested at Manchester airport


The scanner who sees through clothes is tested at Manchester airport. The controversial device intended to improve security controls at airports came into testing in Manchester, United Kingdom – after it was tested on Heathrow airport – and brought further controversial discussions.


Authorities say the use of the scanner will increase the inspection speed, and efficiency.
The scan can reveal instantly the presence of hidden weapons or explosives, and it eliminates the need for body searches – also unwanted by the passengers – and removal of jackets, belts and footwear, the system enabling so to “process” more passengers per hour.
But the scans also reveal breast implants, piercing and shows clearly the naked body image of a person, which arouse discussion on the infringement of privacy.
Authorities insisted that the images are not pornographic and that they are destroyed as soon as the control ends.

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Naked lunch


A bar in Melbourne hosted recently an unusual event. Specifically, all those who passed thru the coffee-shop’s door had to give up clothes. All the clothes.
The event called “naked lunch” was held for a full day in Bebida Cafe from Fitzroy, Australia as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2009.
Designed as a tribute to life as an art, “naked lunch” does not alter the activity of coffee-shop itself, only the appearance of the participants, which had to be naked while in the local.
Natalie Bak, the organizer of the unusual “lunch” said that the idea came in a warm evening in April, when she realized that she would enjoy it even more if she were completely naked.

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This is why Oktoberfest is such a popular festival


Oktoberfest is not famous only due to huge german beer pints and the sausages. As the atmosphere get’s hoter, people starts losing their clothes. Until now, for those who didn’t get to the german festival in flash and bones, pictures from the fest have been the only way to see what’s really happening there.
But the organizers decided this year to ban the publication of any photos of “sexual” nature during the “holiday”.
The measure sparked controversy in Germany where the media representatives say it is their right to submit pictures who represent the real atmosphere of the event.

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1,000 virgins dance naked for the King


Every year in mid September, Zulu virgins from across South Africa take part in the traditional “cane dance”.
Hundreds of African virgins are traveling to the royal residence, palace KwaNyokeni of Nongoma, to meet King Goodwill Zwelithini. Here, Zulu girls are taking part in a very colorful and ancient ritual – The Royal Cane Dance or Umkhosi woMhlanga, as it is known in Zulu language.
According to Zulu tradition, only the righteous girls are allowed to dance naked in front of the king, to ensure the ritual purity of the festival. The virgins, known as “imbali” come from all the corners of South Africa and Zulu, Zulu government assuring them free transportation, with buses. The show annually attracts thousands of tourists from around the world, curious to see the “imbali’s” dancing in traditional costumes, with very complex necklaces carved by hand, small totems, shields and naked breasts.


The ceremony is meant to encourage the girls to keep their virginity until they get mature enough to marry. With less than 100 years ago, the dance was also a good opportunity for the Zulu king to choose a wife from the many virgins who attended the ceremony.


As part of the ritual, the girls each wear a long cane which was recently cut from a nearby river’s bad. These reeds are handed one by one to the king, while he blesses the girls. According to superstition, if the cane is broken before reaching the king’s hand, the girl lied about her virginity.
The procession of virgins is escorted by an old princess from the royal family, who teaches them how to treat the king. Also, the princess advise the girls how to react when a lover courts them, how to choose her husband and how to treat their men after marriage.
Anthropologists do not know how long this tradition will last. In recent years, the festival was surrounded by controversy. The practice was denounced by many feminist organizations who found the tradition denigrating to women. Also, by lack of an efficient organization, every year incidents occur, often girls being attacked or raped. Unfortunately, this year’s edition, a virgin was killed and 11 other were injured when in the suffocating crowd of girls panic and confusion struck.


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