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Shocking secrets of the Amazon

In recent years a lot has been said about the massive deforestation of the Amazon forest, the effects of global warming on the largest forests on the planet and about the people’s destroying power over this piece of heaven. The measures to stop these actions weren’t always the best and the pictures below show a reality that many try to hide, perhaps willing to minimize the effect on the public opinion around the world and the fact that the Amazon rain forest is dying …

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Sahara – a huge eucalypt forest

A dream that would cost humanity 2 trillion dollars per year, as shown in a study made by biologist Leonard Ornstein of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and David Rind NASA scientists and Igor Aleinov with the Goddard Institute.

The biotransformation would be possible through a pump system buried deep, extracting from sea water, and planting in a first stage of Eucalyptus grandis.

sahara forest

As the tree would take root, would turn the sand into ground and would cause rain, allowing other trees to grow. If the whole desert Sahara will be a forest would absorb daily 8 million tonnes of carbon in the atmosphere, that’s all daily emissions today.

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