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Barbaric punishment for a thief in Guatemala

Alejandra Maria Torres, a young woman from Guatemala who was caught stealing in a bus along with three accomplices, was exemplary punished by those who she tried to harm. The woman was stripped, badly beaten, then she was set on fire. Only the rapid intervention of the police made Alejandra escape from certain death. Once extinguished the flames, police arrested the woman who, at present, is waiting to be punished for the act committed. Meanwhile, law enforcement began a massive search operation of Alejandra’s three accomplices, who managed to escape in the general hubbub.

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Candid camera prank gone wrong

He wanted to do a hidden camera prank, but was severely beaten.
Be careful what kind of jokes you make and especially to whom. A Turkish television presenter specialized in pranks felted on his own skin.
The owner of a luxury car didn’t quit enjoyed the affront brought to his car by a so called worker. He immediately started beating the worker and not ceased even when the crew jumped in support of the unlucky actor.
Even more, when he find out he was shot with a hidden camera, the man got furious and harder his attack on the Tv show host, who will most likely find himself another job in the future.

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