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The scanner who “sees” through clothes is tested at Manchester airport


The scanner who sees through clothes is tested at Manchester airport. The controversial device intended to improve security controls at airports came into testing in Manchester, United Kingdom – after it was tested on Heathrow airport – and brought further controversial discussions.


Authorities say the use of the scanner will increase the inspection speed, and efficiency.
The scan can reveal instantly the presence of hidden weapons or explosives, and it eliminates the need for body searches – also unwanted by the passengers – and removal of jackets, belts and footwear, the system enabling so to “process” more passengers per hour.
But the scans also reveal breast implants, piercing and shows clearly the naked body image of a person, which arouse discussion on the infringement of privacy.
Authorities insisted that the images are not pornographic and that they are destroyed as soon as the control ends.

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Warrior squirrels – the animal kingdom ninjas


Small and pretty, but fast as the arrows and bitter when their interests are threatened, squirrels are able to fight stubbornly, as well displayed in the images below.
As can be seen in the following gallery, the small rodents, with their bushy tails, not only can be aggressive, but their bellicose manifestations look like movements drawn from martial arts practiced by Ninja warriors. Their fighting eyes are not less sharp neither.

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