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Ninja Cats


After last week we presented the ninja squirrels, it’s time for some fighting cats to take our front page.
Spectacular jumps and twisting acrobatic finesse more difficult than any battle scene from a martial arts film were captured by an amateur photographer in Sweden. The protagonists are not some flawless fighters, but two cats, whose plays and simulated attacks made their owner and photographer famous overnight.
Muffy and Tiger, on their real name, are two playful kittens that belong to Mats Hamnas, the action scenes taking place behind his house in the city of Helsingborg.

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Warrior squirrels – the animal kingdom ninjas


Small and pretty, but fast as the arrows and bitter when their interests are threatened, squirrels are able to fight stubbornly, as well displayed in the images below.
As can be seen in the following gallery, the small rodents, with their bushy tails, not only can be aggressive, but their bellicose manifestations look like movements drawn from martial arts practiced by Ninja warriors. Their fighting eyes are not less sharp neither.

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