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Wolf Attack – Photo of 2009

wolf attack

The winner of the 45th edition of the best nature and animal photos competition, under the auspices of prestigious BBC Wildlife Magazine and London’s Natural History Museum, was designated a snapshot planned and organized by the author for many years.

The winning photo was chosen from a total of over 43 000 images sent by nature lovers around the world.
“I wanted to get a snapshot where people can see a wolf in full hunt, but without the bloody moments. I didn’t want a raw image, which would get people to hate the wolves”, said the winner of this year’s edition, Spaniard Jose Luis Rodriguez.

To get the exceptional snapshot, he studied for many years the habits and routes of a pack of wolves. The secret of the photo resides in the hand built hatch operated by an infrared beam, which automatically activated the camera when the animal jumped over it.

To succeed the desired photo, Jose Luis Rodriguez gave up his initial device, a Nikon D2X, to use a Hasselblad camera. The entire final photographic equipment consisted, in fact, in a medium-format film camera Hasselblad 503CW, with a fix 80 mm canon.

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Miss Plastic Surgery Budapest 2009

An unusual miss contest in which the contenders competed in plastic surgery!
They chose ”Miss Plastic” from a number of ladies helped by the doctor’s scalpel to be perfect. They were allowed to walk on the podium, only if they have been through at least one plastic surgery.
In the training camp the women have spent dozens of hours in the gym. They then passed on to massages and swimming pool.Together with the specialists who have reshaped their noses, lips, breasts and buttocks have entered the competition for the most beautiful…plastic surgery.
Do not think however that the participants are young girls that want to make a career in modeling or television, as we are accustomed in Miss contests so far. Among these are ladies approaching 40 years and had undergone a recovery operation of the nose, liposuction or a facelift. However, the jury took into account not only the appearance of competitors, but also their health records, to analyze the success of surgical procedure.

The winner, a young hostess, has received an apartment in Budapest, and her colleagues from the podium, one vehicle plus diamond jewelry worth $ 10,000.

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China, 60 years of communism. Beijing military force demonstration

China’s 60th Anniversary national day – timelapse and slow motion – 7D and 5DmkII

China’s 60th Anniversary national day – timelapse and slow motion – 7D and 5DmkII from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

The most populated nation in the world celebrates today six decades since the founding of the PRC. Giant festivities began with 60 gun salutes, one for each year of existence of the communist state.
The anniversary has been prepared for months by the Army battalions of “volunteers” who marched in Beijing, they danced and praised the communist regime and the 60 years of great achievements. 52 military battle equipment entirely by domestic production were exposed. 90% of them have been seen now for the first time.

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Boobs on Bikes – Auckland 2009

Small, large, natural and artificial! Boobs parade in Auckland, New Zealand.
More than 80,000 people were estimated to have visited Queen St for this year’s Boobs on Bikes parade.
One of the biggest attraction at this year’s parade was Chelsea Charms, who boasts one of the world’s largest pair of breasts. As usual there have been complaints about the event, this time from Auckland’s fashion industry who were furious that the parade clashed with Air New Zealand Fashion Week.
The organiser, Steve Crow uses the parade to promote the annual Erotica Lifestyles Expo and usually faces some stiff opposition to the event from conservatives and feminists. However unlike previous years there was no official protest to get the parade cancelled.

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100 TV Spoilers: Emmy Edition

Bryan Cranston and Glenn Close have received the Emmy Award for Best Actor and Best Actress in a Drama Series for the second consecutive year.

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Roger Federer – not just a tennis player

Roger Federer between the legs shot vs. Djokovic at the 2009 U.S Open

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458 Italia – Another Ferrari Masterpiece


How else can you describe a car as a Ferrari 458 Italia, which releases not only sex appeal, but also excitement and adrenaline?
The presentation of the the new Ferrari 458 Italia at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show was fantastic, Michael Schumacher being one of the presenters for the car. The lines of the car are astonishing and the front is the most aggressive so far encountered in a Ferrari.
The V8 has 4.5 liters and develops 570 hp and is matched to a sequential gearbox with double clutch, taken from the F 1 technicians.
The report of 2.42 kilograms / bhp gives the car a fabulous behavior, but also super-performances: 3.4 seconds to 62 mph and top speed of 202 mph

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