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Baby dancing on Beyonce song

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Record in Indonesia! A woman gave birth to a 8.7 kilograms baby giant !


Incredible story in Indonesia where a woman, sick with diabetes, born a perfectly healthy baby on Monday. The only anomaly: the “baby” is weighing no less than 8.7 kilograms and 62 cm.
The baby was born in the public hospital of Kisaran, north of Sumatra island, and astonished even the gynecologist who was in charge of his birth, Binsar Sitanggang. He stressed that the weight of new-born made the Cesarean delivery extremely difficult.
His mother, Annie, is 41 years old and did not go to any gynecological consultation during pregnancy. She suffers from diabetes, a disease that predisposes her to born children with a big weight. Moreover, she has three children at home who at birth weighed about four kilograms each.

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