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The man with the most piercings in the world

The man with the most piercings in the world

We would have expected that the owner of such a record to be a rebel punker, barely out of puberty. Nothing more false. The man who was appointed in 2010 edition of the Guinness Book of Records is a 78 years old man who was general manager of Barclays bank for 30 years.

The eccentric pensioner was approved by the Guinness World Book of Records, after a committee of experts has counted all 241 piercings, of which no less than 150 are on his face and neck. In order to match all the metals which puncture his skin, John Lynch filled his body with tattoos, his favorite being a Marilyn Monroe tattoo, who covers most of his bust.

Initially, Lynch didn’t qualified for the 2010 edition of the Records Book, having 5 piercings less than the former owner of the record, but when he heard this, he added 20 more, to be sure he doesn’t miss it.

Ironically, Lynch didn’t discovered his passion for body art, piercings and tattoos until he was 40 years old, when – after losing a bet – made his first piercing. Since then, every year has added a few, to become a true local celebrity in the town of Apsely, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, where locals have named him Prince Albert.

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Dan Brown’s “The Lost Symbol” shattered all the records


The latest book by Dan Brown, “The Lost Symbol” shattered all the records. The record was set from it’s first day in the bookstores.
Over one million copies were bought only the first day. “The Lost Symbol” sells both in the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom.
Critics say that “The Lost Symbol” will be more successful even than “Harry Potter”.

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