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A kid gave friends cocaine as candy


New Jersey police faced a special case. A four year child gave his friends cocaine instead of giving them candy. The kid had received the drugs from his father who told him that they are “candy”. Police wrote in the report that Shaheed Wright of East Orange has some “balls” of cocaine in the jacket of his son before going to a “father – son” day. The 4 year old started to share the balls with his kid friends telling them they wore sweets.
The whole affair was discovered by a teacher who caught one of the children just before he tried to swallow the drugs.
All children were taken to the emergency room and Shaheed was immediately detained by the police.
He was accused on four counts, including abuse of a minor and drug trafficking.

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Seoul Elephant investigated by police

The South Korean police opened an investigation on an elephant at the Seoul zoo. The animal is suspected to have thrown a stone on the had of a visitor, according to local media.
The victim accused the elephant of throwing the stone with her trunk while she was walking in the elephants park on a Monday afternoon.
The woman, who was hit in the back of the head, went to police, who opened an investigation into this case.


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