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Thousands of dolphins are slauthered each year by Japanese fishermen


Approximately 2,000 dolphins are killed each year by Japanese fishermen in the small town of Taiji, according to a documentary made by the famous Flipper trainer.
The dolphins massacre in the fishing town of just 3,500 inhabitants located on the southeast coast of Japan was for decades a well kept secret by the Japanese authorities. Taiji was once the largest center for hunting whales in Japan.
On the southeast coast of Japan, the dolphin hunting season lasts from September to March. The dolphins that fall in the fishermen’s net are trapped in a small bay near Taiji, from where they are kept from escaping with electrified wire nets.
Young females are then separated from the group to be sold to water parks and the rest captured mammals are killed for meat. The blood of thousands of dolphins killed annually reddens the water of the bay.
The entire massacre was surprised by Ric O’Barry, aged 70 years, who has investigated years before could surprise on film the whole atrocity. The documentary made by him is entitled “The Cove” and has already won several awards at the Sundance Film Festival.

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Indian blood bath!


Following an attack by Maoist rebels on a village in eastern India, 11 adults and five children were killed!
Local police announced that some 50 rebels entered the village and began firing gunshots.
Nicknamed “the red terrorists” Maoist rebels “control” half of the states of India for over 40 years.

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Facebook poll : “Should Obama be killed?”


Barack Obama’s special services have declared on Monday they opened an investigation to identify the authors of a poll published on the website Facebook, in which users were asked whether the president should be assassinated.
Facebook closed the page titled “Obama should be killed?” who was proposing answers like “yes”, “no”, “maybe” and “if he will raise health insurance prices”.
“After we found this page, we worked with Facebook to close it”, said Malcolm Wiley, spokesman for the Secret Service (USSS), responsible for protection of public figures. “We are obviously in a survey, as we usually do with any other threats”, he added.
Over 750 Facebook users have answered the poll before being suspended.

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Shocking images ! 16 years old student, killed in street fight!

Chicago police is investigating the violent death of a 16 years old student , from Fengler high school, and although they have a video with the teenager being killed in a street fight, they yet failed to identify any suspects.
Derrion Albert lost his life last week during a bloody confrontation between two rival gangs, whose members are students at that school. Albert was struck in the head with a huge piece of wood, and after he fell down was hit mercilessly by at least two people. Although colleagues rushed to help him, the teenager could not be saved.

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