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The last trend in advertising: video ads in magazines

In a printed publication – U.S. magazine Entertainment Weekly – are appearing two videos which can be viewed on a small screen inserted in the pages of the magazine.
The liquid crystal screen has a thickness of 2.7 mm and is powered by a battery that can be recharged with a mini-USB and is set in a cardboard page, inserted in the magazine, along with miniature speakers to play the sound. The “brain” of the entire gadget is a chip on which the information is stored. The technology is similar to that used to manufacture “singing cards”. Each chip can store 40 minutes of video. On the small screen (the size of a cell phone screen) can be viewed two ads – one for Pepsi Max and another for U.S. television network CBS.

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Google Launches Fast Flip

Fast Flip, the new application launched by Google, allows faster reading of online news , drawing on the layout of magazine pages.


In an attempt to make the selection and reading of online news faster and more attractive, Google has designed an application meant to evoke the appearance of pages of printed publications, allowing readers to “surf” the news pages and quickly access those who are most interesting.

Each image has a link that directs readers to the publication in which the story appeared. Along with the news appear advertisements; the revenue from this ads will be split between Google and the publications that signed partnerships for use of the application Fast Flip.

Over 30 publications – newspapers and magazines – were associated with the project, seen by Google as a way to increase the number of news read by users and, consequently, the exposure to advertising, which would generate higher revenue from advertising, for the publications involved in the project.

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Champions (porno)League

The message is simple: we want a different world, one in which the televisions who promote pornography don’t get any more advertising

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