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Lenin died from syphilis, not from a heart attack, as originally thought


The death of the known Russian revolutionary, Vladimir Ilici Lenin, was caused by syphilis, a sexually transmitted disease.
Vladimir Lenin died in 1924, after a prolonged suffering. Historians believed that the Russian leader suffered a series of three strokes which eventually, would have caused him death.
Recently, British author Helen Rappaport discovered a series of documents from Columbia University in New York that she thinks to be the evidence indicating that Lenin’s death occurred as a result of neurosifilis, a form of syphilis affecting the brain.
The documents were written by Russian scientist Ivan Pavlov. Pavlov, Nobel laureate and famous for his work performed on dogs behavioral conditioning, said that “the revolution was made by a madman whose brain was affected by syphilis”.
Rappaport believes that it’s possible for Lenin to have infected with syphilis after having sex with a Parisian prostitute, in 1902.

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Kill yourself ! Incredible event in the U.S.

Incredible event in the U.S.! A prisoner, sentenced to death, was made to inject by itself the lethal solution after prison employees have been struggling for more than two hours to find his veins.

After several failed attempts to make the lethal injection, the employees of the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility asked prisoner Romell Broom to inject himself the lethal liquid.

Lethal Injection

Finally, after two and a half hours spent by Broom in the “death room”, the governor of Ohio, Ted Strickland, has decided to postpone by one week the execution of the capital punishment.

Broom, aged 53, was sentenced to death after he raped and killed a 14 years old girl , which he has kidnapped in 1984.

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Shocking ritual in Tibet: eaten by vultures after death!!


A regular ritual for Tibet, revolting to the world, called “sky burial”. In Tibet, the question “what about the bodies?” is an real problem because of the unsuitable geographical conditions.
It is almost impossible for anyone to bury their relatives. For Buddhists, it is not imperative that the bodies of the deceased are preserved. Bodies need to “re-enter” in nature, especially because they believe in reincarnation.
After a solemn procession, the procession reacheas a remote but pre-established location. Then, the man who died is stripped of clothes and put on earth, and his relatives come and make dozens of cuts over the whole body.
They get away from the corpse and wait for “nature to do his part”. Dozens of vultures, attracted by the smell of blood, come and simply devour their “meal”. Then, after the eagles have done their job, the family comes and get the remains of the body: all the bones are gathered in one place and chopped.
But such a procedure is adopted only for the rich because it requires the participation of the most important members of the community. Poor people simply abandon their bodies on the rocks and the nature takes her cours.
The practice of “sky burial” is considered as an act of generosity. He who died offers by “sacrifice
” food to the remaining relatives.
Chinese authorities, who controls Tibet, have banned the practice in the 60, but have accepted it as legal again in the ’80s.

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