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The war doesn’t stop at dusk / Photos


Have you ever imagined what it looks like a war at night? We refer here not to Hollywood productions that have studded the market with such scenes, but at a real war, with real fighting machines and real officers. Here are some photos captured in Russia during some night military maneuvers.

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Get lost into the Twilight maze!

Twilight maze

On a corn field in in America, two huge monsters have appeared : a vampire and a werewolf.
But instead of being scared, the teenagers in the town of Syracuse, Utah, have shown excitement: the two figures are, in fact, two huge mazes that replicate the characters Edward Cullen and Jacob Black from the Twilight saga.

Twilight maze2

Black Island corn Farm where were made the two mazes is hosting an annual mowing festival whose main attraction is the labyrinthine themes.

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