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The sexual tinge Bible causes indignation in America


A version with sexual tinge to the Genesis book made by American artist Robert Crumb, illustrating the biblical characters maintaining sexual relationships, is causing indignation among American religious groups that condemned the images as “disrespectful”.
The controversial version, launched in October, which has on the cover the “not recommended to minors” warning, contains graphic illustrations of biblical characters having sex, scenes showing naked men and women, and representations of violent gestures.
Crumb does not believe that the Bible is the word of God:
“I think everything is a myth, from beginning to end. There is probably a little connection with the historical reality. They are wonderful stories, but I find it retarded that people to consider them as something sacred, given by God”, says the artist.
His book was criticized by major religious groups, such as “Christian Institute, which believes that the publication of a version of the Bible (Holy Scriptures) requires a great attention, since it is an important text for many people, who should be treated with respect.
Furthermore, there are groups supporting the work and think this is a satire. The author wanted to emphasize that this is a myth fundamental and apparently did a good job, believes the Bishop of Croydon, Nick Baines.
According to a spokesman for the “Bible Society, more people may be surprised, but the Bible contains nudity, sex and violence, because it contains real stories about real people. If by reading this book people are encouraged to approach the Bible, it can only be a good thing.

Robert Crumb became famous after he made “Fritz the Cat”, a comic book illustrating sexual experiences, which was also the first animation forbidden to minors.

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This is why Oktoberfest is such a popular festival


Oktoberfest is not famous only due to huge german beer pints and the sausages. As the atmosphere get’s hoter, people starts losing their clothes. Until now, for those who didn’t get to the german festival in flash and bones, pictures from the fest have been the only way to see what’s really happening there.
But the organizers decided this year to ban the publication of any photos of “sexual” nature during the “holiday”.
The measure sparked controversy in Germany where the media representatives say it is their right to submit pictures who represent the real atmosphere of the event.

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