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The amazing art of dirty windows


This may sound trivial, but it happens. The incredible works of art you can see in these photographs belongs to Scott Wade, a man who has demonstrated, along with many others, that you can transform even the most unusably thing (like dust on a dirty car window) into something someone could call art.

Scott Wade is a talented graphic artist from Wimberley, Texas, who loves a bit of dirt on his hands. He often draws various images on his wife’s car, using only his hands, dust and some brushes. From Mona Lisa to a portrait of Albert Einstein, Wade has created a series of works of art that often froze traffic.

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Amazing smoke images


As spectacular as it is, this new art form, the smoke art is an ephemeral art, which can only bee seen with the help of photography. Such images can be obtained only overlaying thousands of photos of smoke into one photo. However, the results are awesome. In front of such creations, words are in vain …

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Incredible images – mule VS puma


In such a conflict, no one would bet on the chances of success of a mule, considered, most times, a sure victim in front of a tried hunter, as a puma. Not always, however, general rules apply in nature, and this time the mule was a warrior with unexpected skills.

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