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Chinese child auctioned online

auction child

Angry that they didn’t had a boy, a Chinese couple auctioned their daughter on the Internet, setting an initial price of 1 yuan (equivalent to 15 cents).

The announcement was posted on one of the most important auction sites in China, taobao.com, by the child’s uncle, two weeks ago.

He assured everyone that the baby is perfectly healthy and vigorous, and to convince the potential buyers he also published two pictures, one with the baby immediately after birth, in April 2008, the other – at one year old.

“The child has very pretty large eyes and I hope that everyone will be attracted to her”, he wrote in the message.

The man, original from the city of Zhangsu (Jiangxi Province) identified by the surname Hu, said that the auction start price is one yuan, and delivery charges will be borne by the sender.

A few days after posting, the site administrator removed the ad. Investigated by the authorities, Hu explained that his only intention was to give the unwanted children up for adoption.

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The biggest pig in the world


A pig greater even than the famous Hogzilla was recently discovered by specialists, not in the wild but in a museum. The fact itself was authenticated by the Guinness Book of Records.
The biggest pig ever lived has reached the incredible weight of 900 kg, before dieing by inability to breathe. The giant pig has resulted from an experiment at a popular farm in the Chinese province of Liaoning. He lived until the age of 5 years, passing away suddenly in February of 2004. At death he reached a length of 2.5 meters and was armed with a pair of fangs of 14,4 cm.

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“Coral man” gets better


Tianzhuan Lin, aged 38 years, from the Chinese city of Shuimen, named “Human coral reef”, was successfully treated for a rare disease who covered his entire body with a crust like shell.
The man discovered for the first time the odd growths on his arms and legs at the age of 13. He tried to fade process with various ointments and antibiotics, but instead of improving, the situation got worst.
The crust has started to entirely cover his limbs and was even extended back to his head. He was soon forced to hide in the house from neighbors and friends who nicknamed him “Coral boy”.
“Gradually, the shell became thicker until I couldn’t articulate my arms and legs. It was scary. If I were forced to leave the house, I wrapped myself in blankets, because people began to panic and scream when they saw me”, said Lin.
But now, thanks to the doctors of a special dermatology clinic, the bizarre illness seems to back off. Now, a year after treatment and after several surgeries, Lin is totally recovering, with only some portions of depigmented skin to remember the terrible disease.


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