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The man with the most piercings in the world

The man with the most piercings in the world

We would have expected that the owner of such a record to be a rebel punker, barely out of puberty. Nothing more false. The man who was appointed in 2010 edition of the Guinness Book of Records is a 78 years old man who was general manager of Barclays bank for 30 years.

The eccentric pensioner was approved by the Guinness World Book of Records, after a committee of experts has counted all 241 piercings, of which no less than 150 are on his face and neck. In order to match all the metals which puncture his skin, John Lynch filled his body with tattoos, his favorite being a Marilyn Monroe tattoo, who covers most of his bust.

Initially, Lynch didn’t qualified for the 2010 edition of the Records Book, having 5 piercings less than the former owner of the record, but when he heard this, he added 20 more, to be sure he doesn’t miss it.

Ironically, Lynch didn’t discovered his passion for body art, piercings and tattoos until he was 40 years old, when – after losing a bet – made his first piercing. Since then, every year has added a few, to become a true local celebrity in the town of Apsely, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, where locals have named him Prince Albert.

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We have the solution against snoring!


British researchers announced that they had successfully managed to stop snoring. An encouraging fact is represented also by the price paid to get rid of the upsetting noisy phenomenon. It costs only $ 6!

The solution is very simple and efficient at the same time. It consists in just one injection in the palate. This medical procedure leads to hardening of the tissue that covers the back palate. In this way the palate no longer vibrates during sleep and loud snoring stops instantly. No less than 15 million people in Britain are snoring every night. The problem is caused by mouth breathing during sleep. Inspired and expired air pressured through the mouth produces sound vibrations.
The new method has appeared, in fact, in the United States since six years ago. During this decade it has been tested experimentally, and excellent results have made the shot to come to Europe via the United Kingdom. The procedure takes only two minutes and is made following a local anesthetic. The patients can go home immediately without any trace of pain or uncomfortable feeling. In a survey-experiment in which they were injected a sample of 60 patients, 40 of them were totally cured of snoring In the case of the other 20 improvements were observed.


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A condom with teeth … the newest weapon against rapists!


Sonette Ehlers, a woman from South Africa, a country considered the epicenter of sexual abuse, has invented an anti-rape device called Rapex.

The condom is made especially for women and has teeth as sharp as those of a shark, able to attack any unwelcome “guest”.

But beware! The teeth are allowing penetration, but they “bite” as soon as the penis gets out of the vagina. The man has so great pain that the women can use the opportunity to flee.

Moreover, the device can be removed only surgically, and once reached the hospital, the rapist may be detained by police.

However, many fear that the device may not injure so much the aggressor, and, in a stroke of rage, he could kill the victim.


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A snake with two heads, found in a household in Illinois

2head snake

A family from Illinois unwittingly made the news headlines after founding a snake with two heads their own backyard.

This is a baby water snake that creep through the grass. The children praised to their playmates on the street about the discovery and from there to the arrival of several teams of reporters was only a step.

The Williamson’s declared that they would want to keep the gifted creature after all the fuss will have passed.

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Shocking auto-mutilation at the Vegetarians Festival in Thailand

Vegetarians Festival in Thailand 7

A festival held on Phuket Island in Thailand, in each of the ninth lunar month of the Chinese calendar, in order to purify their bodies, shocks the world.
Participants in the festival are eating only plant foods for ten days, pray, and the braver ones mutilate themselves sticking various objects in their bodies.
In addition, they climb a ladder made of swords or stepping on hot coals with their bare feet.
The purpose of these masochistic rituals is to get spiritual purification
The festival is 150 years old and lasts 10 days.

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Lenin died from syphilis, not from a heart attack, as originally thought


The death of the known Russian revolutionary, Vladimir Ilici Lenin, was caused by syphilis, a sexually transmitted disease.
Vladimir Lenin died in 1924, after a prolonged suffering. Historians believed that the Russian leader suffered a series of three strokes which eventually, would have caused him death.
Recently, British author Helen Rappaport discovered a series of documents from Columbia University in New York that she thinks to be the evidence indicating that Lenin’s death occurred as a result of neurosifilis, a form of syphilis affecting the brain.
The documents were written by Russian scientist Ivan Pavlov. Pavlov, Nobel laureate and famous for his work performed on dogs behavioral conditioning, said that “the revolution was made by a madman whose brain was affected by syphilis”.
Rappaport believes that it’s possible for Lenin to have infected with syphilis after having sex with a Parisian prostitute, in 1902.

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The biggest spider in the world

Nephila Komaci

It was identified in Africa and thanks to his size, immediately recognized as “king of spiders.
It has a ten centimeters diameter, feeds on birds and lizards, and it’s not harmful to humans. The giant spider was discovered in South Africa by biologist Matjaz Kuntner, from the Academy of Sciences and Arts in Slovenia, along with Jonathan Coddington, from the National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC.
The new species was named Nephila Komaci and belongs to the family of spiders Nephilidae, “famous” for the elaborate yellowish webs they weave, but also for the impressive size of the females. The rare specimens identified by Kuntner and Coddington are considered the most “imposing” representatives of this species known until now by scientists. They also represent the first new species of Nephilim spiders identified since 1879 until now.
A Nephila Komaci female measures between 10 and 12 centimeters in diameter, while the males are a bit more “fragile”, with about one quarter the size of their life “companions”. Scientists fear that this species could be close to extinction, because they are very rare and the biodiversity of their habitat (Maputaland and Madagascar) is in great danger.

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