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Dan Phillips, the man who builds green houses

Dan Phillips has become a celebrity in his city, Huntsville, Texas, after he built no less than 14 recycled houses, totally functional, using only waste and scrap materials.

The 64 year old manufacturer lived a diverse life, being along his life an army intelligence officer, dance instructor, antiques dealer and even puzzles manufacturer. He spent the last 12 years of his life building affordable houses for the poor, from discarded materials only.

Any sustainable object that people get rid off has some potential in the projects of Dan Phillips. The man visits construction areas and construction sites and takes almost everything is thrown away by these places. His houses are not identical, being constructed entirely by hand.

Dan’s philosophy of recycling has changed the mentality of the whole community on the recycling processes and Dan was even contacted by companies that wanted some advice about building environmental deposits.

Dan Phillips uses his own construction company to raise the houses, but he always asks beneficiaries to take part in the construction process. In this way, if something ever fails, they will know exactly how to repair.

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Leaves – one of the world’s most eficient organic fuels


A British man had the idea to use the great quantity of fallen leaves in autumn to make them “logs” for fire.

One million tonnes of leaves fall every year in the UK, and Peter Morrison, aged 45 years, being sick of collecting the leaves, each year, from his yard in Birmingham, thought to turn them into a “green” fuel to replace wood.

He started by creating a tablet the size of a coin, which, lited, generated enough heat to boil a liter of water.

Currently, a company called Biofuels International Limited (BIFL) produces cylindrical leaves “logs” – called Leaf Log – with a length of 28 cm, which are already in British shops and are used as fuel in homes.

The “Leaf Logs” ignite easily and burn very efficiently, providing 28,000 kilojoules (the best coal give approx. 29,000 kilojoules)

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The Cherrapunji living bridges

The Cherrapunji living bridges1

Although it sounds like a metaphor, it’s not. The bridges with roots in Cherrapunji, India, are indeed alive. Unlike most bridges from around the world, the ones here are grown and not built.

Known as the most humid place on Earth, Cherrapunhi is the home of some of the most amazing plants. One of them is the elastic Ficus, a variety of rubber tree, which is developing a set of secondary roots at the soil surface. War-Khasis, a local tribe, has seen this plant potential.

DRAWING arteries with a type of acorns emptied of content, the people of this tribe are able to target the roots of the tree by their own choice. When they cross a river, the plants are allowed to return to the ground and, over time, a solid bridge is formed. It takes between 10 and 15 years to clot such a formation, becoming more powerful from year to year and lasting even centuries.

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The residents of a town in Colorado voted for the legalization of marijuana


The law who approved the consumption of marijuana was voted by 72% of the inhabitants of a city in Colorado, USA.

Although they voted the legalization of marijuana use, the law wasn’t made official, so is still illegal. This was a symbolic gesture to determine the authorities to no longer put behind bars the marijuana consumers.

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Weed taster


A newspaper has published a notice stating that they are looking for a columnist specialized in … “tasting”… marijuana.
Westword, a local newspaper from Denver, Colorado, said in the announcement that they need a person to test and write reviews about medicinal marijuana.
“Denver is the Wild West for medicinal marijuana business”, explained the newspaper officials.
Candidates will need to submit a short essay with the theme “What does marijuana mean for me” and have an identification card issued by the state showing that they are registered for medicinal marijuana use and that they need marijuana to alleviate their health problems.

Would you be interested in a job like that? and also what salary would motivate you ?

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Greenpeace militants are protesting on the British Parliament roof


Over 30 Greenpeace activists protested Sunday on the roof of Westminster Palace in central London.
Their protests central point was global warming. According to Agerpres, the demonstrators, who plan to stay on the roof throughout the night to await the arrival of lawmakers Monday morning and make them sign a manifesto, they held a band with the message: “Change the policy, save the climate”.
How the parliamentary session resumes by Monday, “there is really a opportunity and should not misse it, for political parties to become aware” of the challenges that ‘future generations will face’, concluded John Sauven, a Greenpeace responsible.

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Cannabis legalization could stop the economic crisis


Supporters of legal marijuana from California argue that legalizing cannabis could end the state of deep economic crisis we are passing. The amount of fees collected could reach 1.5 billion dollars, money that would be extremely important for the administration led by Arnold Schwarzenegger, with a current deficit of several billion dollars.
Oakland is the first city in California that has legalized the so-called medical use of cannabis, under the incidence of certain rules. Cops do not agree with this law and say that the evil created is more important than the money raised from taxing the drug, because marijuana could be a gateway to stronger drugs.
A referendum will be held next year to decide if “weed” should be legalized or not. It is clear that cigarette manufacturers are in the block-starts and look forward to an affirmative answer.

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