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The Survivor! She lived 5 days with rain water squeezed from her hair


The story of a 52 years old woman from the United States made a stir around the world. With 11 broken ribs after her car fell through the mountains, Cynthia Blair-Hoover has survived in a miraculous way, until he was found by some miners.
Cynthia Blair-Hoover fell with her car into a steep about 110 meters deep in the Rocky Mountains trying to avoid a deer. She had 11 broken ribs, a perforated lung and a few cracked vertebra. She didn’t give up however, at any moment to fight for her life.
In the middle of the wilderness, without any food, beaten by rain and snow, the woman survived.
Armed with a golf club, to keep the predators at distance, didn’t eat anything, but drank some water … squeezed from her hair.
In five days of anguish, Cynthia managed to crawl about 140 yards, reaching near a mine. People here have heard her voice. They found her exhausted, with her mouth full of dirt, so they immediately called the medics. In present, the heroine is recovering in a hospital in Colorado.

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