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Richard Branson publicly presented Spaceship2

In less than a year, this vehicle will open the season of spatial tourist flights at over 100 km in height. 300 people have already paid $ 200,000 each to book a seat.

In the Mojave desert in California, Sir Richard Branson unveiled publicly the first private jet for suborbital passenger flights, called Spaceship Two. After a year of tests, the space ship with two pilots on board will lead six people at the height of 100 km. It will be a flight of two and a half hours, with 5 minutes of absence of gravity, in which passengers will be able to feel like real astronauts.

Spaceship Two is over 18 meters in length, will operate as a shuttle and will land in the same way. It will reach the 15 km hight on the “back” of a bigger and more “potent” plane, called Whiteknight two. For suborbital flights, Richard Branson founded a new company, Virgin Galactic, along with Burt Rutan, another space pioneer.

Branson and Rutan worked in secret for five years at this project, after having won the Ansari X Prize for prototypes back in 2004, with Spaceship One. The two will produce another four “Spaceship Two” at a total cost of 400 million dollars.

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