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Holiday Inn Key Card Hotel in New York – the hotel made of 200,000 access cards

Holiday Inn Key Card Hotel in New York was built by the eccentric artist Bryan Berg, from 200,000 access cards, which were collected from different hotels who were going to throw them away.

To mark the relaunch of the Holiday Inn hotel chain, the company that owns 1,200 buildings opened the first hotel made entirely from plastic cards, in Manhattan, New York. It consists of a guest room, a bathroom and a corridor, with all the furniture made from cards.

Bryan Berg, who set a record with his first house of cards at the age of only 17 years in 1992, asserts that this was his most daring project, as he has never before created a human-scale structure. The Key Card Hotel has been open for visitation from between 17 and 21 December. During the five days event, Bryan Berg has also built a replica of the Empire State Building inside the eccentric hotel.

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