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One of the world’s strangest hotel, Hang Nga hotel, in Vietnam

This hotel is actually taking the name of the architect who designed it, Hang Na by her name, daughter of a former Vietnamese president and although it’s trying to look like an authentic tree house, there’s nothing tree’ish about the materials used for building it. Maybe that’s why the majority of the people crossing his doorstep are seeing this more as a tourist attraction, preferring to spend the night elsewhere. In that rhythm, you may want to hurry up and book a ticket, because I don’t know if that marketing strategy will keep the hotel’s doors opened for a long time.

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The first space tourists can pack for 2012


Despite criticism about investment financing and completion deadline, the company Galactic Suite is determined to host the first guests of their space hotel in just three years.

A three nights stay at the Galactic hotel will cost 3 million euros, the price including an 8 weeks training on a tropical island.

During their stay in the orbital hotel, visitors can see the sunrise for 15 times and will make a full circle of the Earth every 80 minutes.

To move around, tourists will wear suits from a special material (Velcro), which will allow them to roam through the hotel clinging to the walls, like Spiderman.

The President of the company, based in Barcelona, Spain, said that an anonymous billionaire, with a passion for space exploration, has donated $ 3 billion to finance the project.

Over 200 people have already expressed the interest to spend a weekend in space – at the Galactic Suite Space Resort – and at least 40 people have already made reservations.

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