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Global warming will bring us a whole package of earthquakes and tsunamis


Reputable climatologists and geologists prophecies about the future are not encouraging at all for mankind. According to their studies, the acceleration of global warming will most definitely cause earthquakes and tsunamis on the whole surface of the globe.
Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides and huge tsumani waves will become increasingly common as the planet heats under the greenhouse effect. Geological changes influenced by global warming will also lead to large emissions of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas stored in solid form under the permafrost layer and the seabed and ocean, in larger quantities than all the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere today.
The climate changes will affect not only the planet’s atmosphere, unfortunately, but also earth shell. The whole Earth is an interactive system. When the ice at the poles will melt, earth will be pressed by the enormous amount of water in the Global Ocean. This phenomenon will lead to strong earthquakes that will cause in turn the appearance of underwater landslide tsunamis, said Professor Bill McGuire of the University College London.

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