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Car crashed by a huge wrecking ball in New York!

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A ball of fire crossed the Netherlands sky

Tuesday afternoon the dutch sky was crossed by a huge fireball. People were amazed by the strange phenomenon, inform the newspaper Algemeen Dagblad.
Astronomer Theo Jurriens later untied the mystery, saying that it was an extremely bright meteor, which was broken at some point in three pieces. According to a spokesman for Royal Dutch meteorological institute, KNMI, a meteorite streaked the north of Holland sky.
KNMI and Jurries both announced that they had received several calls from witnesses of the event throughout the Netherlands, the astronomer stating that he has received reports from people who say they heard a noise and a bang at the approaching of the meteor, others telling that they felt a trembling in the building they were in at that time.
Tuesday evening Jurriens asked all companies and institutions that have surveillance cameras to check whether they had recorded on tape this phenomenon.

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