4 responses to “anorexic-view

  1. Jazmine Murphy

    this picture is absolutelt disgusting!! i understand celebrities have money to pay for surgery but there payin to look beautiful but they really look plastic!!! beauty is in the inside of someone never on the outside!! this girl be beautiful no matter wha size she was but it it’s too dangerous for her health if she doesn eat her tiny frail body willl snap in half if she doesn eat!! I hope everything works out but honestly starvin yourself is not the right way bout getting rid of problems your killin yourself a slow painful death!! takin a permanent solution for a temporary problem!!! Help is everywhere!!

  2. tasha

    this is what most anorexic people see and others slag them off its not their fault

  3. jazmin

    wow ! shocking, but true. we need a change !

  4. bob

    i dont think the girl in the mirror looks that bad.

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