Marilyn Monroe caught on camera while smoking marijuana

The tape was bought by a collector against the sum of 182,288 euros. The author of the filming is a friend of the famous actress.

According to an article in the newspaper Leggo, was made public a video in which the famous actress Marilyn Monroe is caught smoking marijuana. The images were taken 50 years ago and were acquired by collector Keya Morgan against the payment of 182,288 euros only recently. The film was sold by an anonymous photographer.

¨ ¨ Reuters news agency received permission to publish one minute from the famous shooting, which in total lasts four minutes. The owner said that the clip will auction on EBay next week. Keya Morgan made a documentary about the death of Marilyn Monroe in 1962 and discovered the existence of this film during research.

The photographer who sold the tape said the marijuana cigarette that Marilyn was smoking was his.

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