Dan Phillips, the man who builds green houses

Dan Phillips has become a celebrity in his city, Huntsville, Texas, after he built no less than 14 recycled houses, totally functional, using only waste and scrap materials.

The 64 year old manufacturer lived a diverse life, being along his life an army intelligence officer, dance instructor, antiques dealer and even puzzles manufacturer. He spent the last 12 years of his life building affordable houses for the poor, from discarded materials only.

Any sustainable object that people get rid off has some potential in the projects of Dan Phillips. The man visits construction areas and construction sites and takes almost everything is thrown away by these places. His houses are not identical, being constructed entirely by hand.

Dan’s philosophy of recycling has changed the mentality of the whole community on the recycling processes and Dan was even contacted by companies that wanted some advice about building environmental deposits.

Dan Phillips uses his own construction company to raise the houses, but he always asks beneficiaries to take part in the construction process. In this way, if something ever fails, they will know exactly how to repair.

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