Who holds the world record of records?

Probably everyone would be more than happy to be the holder of one Guinness record. It’s not the case for Ashrita Furman, the man who holds more Guinness World Records than anyone else on the planet.

Ashrita Furman, aged 54, has spent the last 30 years of his life trying – and succeeding – to beat records. At the peak of his career, Furman held not less than 100 records at once and even today is not doing too bad, being the author of 98 global performance unmatched by someone else.

Ashram was the holder of 236 world records in his career and his nearest competitor in this mater has not owned more than 20. It all began when Furman was a child and browse thru the Book of Records. He began to dream that one day he will also appear on those pages, breaking a record.

He achieved his dream in 1979, setting a new world record executing 27,000 ” stellar jumps ” (with hands and feet spread in the air), in New York. Since then, he never stopped. Among his records are included pushing a car over a distance of 27 kilometers for 24 hours, translating and reciting a poem in 111 languages, all throughout the day, attending a 130 kilometers walk with a glass of milk on his forehead, and:

Splicing 27 apples in the air, with a katana, in 60 seconds


Keeping balance on a board above a cylinder


Racing a yak, with his feet stuck in a bag, in Mongolia


Most grapes caught with his mouth in one minute, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


The longest time spent in balance on a “Swiss ball” at Stonehenge


The highest number of “pogo stick” jumps in Cambodgia


Fastest completion of a mile, turning a circle around the waist, in Uluru, Australia


Keeping in balance the longest pole on his chin in Aspendos, Turkey


Currently, Ashrita Furman is trying to beat the record for the fastest crossing of a mile, wearing diving fins.


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