1 in every 20 students believe that Hitler was the German team football coach

nazi england team

More, according to a survey, one in six British students think that Auschwitz is a theme park of the Second World War.

The symbol of Remembrance Day should be represented, for 12% of students surveyed, not by red poppies, but by the golden arches of a fast food company and 40% of students do not know that it is celebrated on November 11.

A quarter of the children said that the nuclear bomb was launched over the City of Pearl Harbor, and one of 20 believed that the Holocaust was the festivities at the end of the war.

Surprising results are getting worse: half of the children surveyed knew that “D Day” was representing the landing in Normandy, while one quarter believing that it is a British holiday – “Dooms Day”.

The study was conducted on a sample of 2,000 children whit ages between 9 and 15 years, and included questions about both world wars.

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